Baba-yaga (1)

Tale of the old hag:

Long before, when the first seed of corruption was sown in the land of Rus, it was not the lupine who resisted it, but a powerful earth priestess called Baba Yaga. Her Magic was linked to the earth itself, and the land was Baba Yaga. Baba Yaga used her power to help the people live in harmony with the land and the spirits.

Within the time of Baba Yagas life, an invisible enemy came to Rus. It was a long time before this evil became known to the people, but he had been preying upon them for a while. Baba Yaga went to confront this evil thing of the night, a vampire who drank the blood of the living. She was startled when she seen such ugliness, and she could not allow it to reside in Rus. She hurled scorn at him, admonishing him for his foul looks and demanding that he leave her lands.

Absimiliard, the first of the Nosferatu clan, was yet again spurned by mortals for his tragic face. He swore that this earth priestess, this Baba Yaga, would regret her remarks. He slunk away from her, letting her believe she had driven him off.

The night of the next moon, he came for her. She put up a great fight, but even her mightiest magick could not slow the night creatures march towards her. She called up the spirit of trees and streams, and the land cried with every step the vampire took. Her hands shone like the sun, burning his dead flesh. The wind protected her, though the vampire ripped trees from their roots to throw at her. The old one withered before her, and his anguished form burned. He Screamed his rage and still she did not let up, for she knew that if she released such a creature, she would die. The old one smiled. Then he was gone. He had vanished without trace. Baba Yaga dared to hope it was her doing, that her magick had destroyed him. The very animals of the forest then turned against her. The same Creature that helped her in the past now threw themselves against her. She turned to run, for she had never experienced such betrayal. She ran straight into the old ones arms and was soon looked in an iron embrace. Without speaking a word, the old one told her of good and evil. He told her how he had searched the world for one worthy of his power and that he had finally found her. He told her of how she would serve him. Together they would rule Rus. He then gave her death and darkness, pain and new life.

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